Enjoying the Nectar

Enjoying the Nectar

We used to have a humming bird feeder on our deck.  A particular hummingbird decided that it was his personal feeder.  He would hover over it and if any other hummingbirds came close, he would chase them off.  He didn’t really have time to enjoy the nectar.  He was too busy making sure nobody else enjoyed the nectar.   

Mom, especially as her Alzheimer’s progressed, lived her life like the hummingbird.  She would watch her neighbors suspiciously through the front window trying to catch them in the act of theft or vandalism rather than greeting them with a kind word.  She would stand on her deck with a broom so that she could chase away birds before they pooped on her property, rather than enjoy the color and music they contributed to her view.    

After she was moved to a memory care facility, a day that I’m sure her neighbors celebrated, we began clearing out her home in order to sell it.  We found jewelry and money in her valances.  Her favorite turquoise dress was wrapped in a paper bag inside the freezer.  Gifts we had given her over the years-unopened high thread count sheets and cushy memory foam house shoes were hidden in nooks and crannies throughout the house.  She would only use the old scratchy sheets and uncomfortable house shoes.    

She never took time to enjoy the nectar.

I know that is part of her disease and she can't help it, but I pray that I can enjoy each day of the rest of my life.  That I not waste my time  with fretting and hoarding and chasing off others.  


  1. My mom to a T. who knew there were 2 of them. She is in the early stages of vascular dementia. Thank you so much for writing this. Everyone wants to talk about "how sweet my mom is" I have no clue about the person they are talking about.

  2. As we continue practicing the presence of God, our enjoyment of life ripples outward from the present, healing our pasts and providing hope of the future.koktale


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