Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Searching for the perfect card for Mother’s Day can be difficult when your mom
suffers from Alzheimer’s.  Hallmark should make a series of cards just for that situation:

  • Mom, I’m sorry you can’t remember my name, but I hope you remember that I love you.
  • Mother, remember the time we…? Oh, never mind.
  • Dear Mama, I know you think I’m stealing your money, but I’m not.  Really.
  • Hey Mom, if you can’t find your purse, it’s probably under the mattress.  The same place you always hide it.
  • Mom, I remember you before you had Alzheimer’s.  I remember the boo boos you kissed, the drawings we made together, the made up bedtime stories you told and the Easter dresses you sewed.  I remember You.
She is still my mother, whether she remembers who I am or not.  She will always be my mother.  Because of my faith, I believe that when we are reunited in Heaven and our eyes meet, she will once again look upon me with recognition and love.

Until then, happy mother's day, Mom... 


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