Good Medicine!

Alzheimer's is such a sad disease, sometimes it is good to laugh a little...

Last week Mom complained of stomach pain, but she couldn’t tell me where it hurt.  I asked the staff nurse to check on her.  Here’s the conversation:
Nurse: So, Flo, your daughter says you are experiencing stomach pains?
Mom:  I am?
Me:  Yes, remember?  You said your stomach hurts?
Mom: I don't think so.
Nurse:  Ok.  How have you been doing?  Any problems?
Mom:  Well, my stomach hurts.
The nurse and I exchange glances.
Nurse presses lightly on her abdomen:  Any pain when I do this?
Mom:  No
Doctor presses on various areas of her abdomen, pelvic area and lower back:  Doctor: No pain, when I touch it here?
Mom:  No
Doctor:  Does it hurt worse after you eat?
Mom:  I don't think so.
Doctor:  Ok, Flo, let's have you lay back on the table so you can point out exactly where it hurts.  We may need to order an ultra sound.

The nurse assists mom in removing her blouse.  Underneath the blouse, her bra is on backwards and is clasped across her belly.  The nurse unclasps the bra.

Mom:  It doesn't hurt anymore!


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