Some Days Are Crappier Than Others!

While visiting Mom today, I decided to take her out of the memory care center and let her enjoy the outside for a bit.  It was a lovely day for Oklahoma. 

I pushed her wheelchair down the corridor and out of the building to one of their many garden areas.  The scent of freshly mown grass mingled with the fragrance of the flowers.  I sat on an iron park bench next to mom’s chair.     

“Isn’t this lovely?” I asked as I turned my face towards hers.

Something was terribly wrong.  Mom was trembling and pale.  She wore an agonized expression.    

Was she having a stroke?  A heart attack?

“Mom, what’s wrong?  Are you okay?” 

Her breathing seemed laboured and her eyes darted around frantically.  Was this the end?  Was this going to be my last memory of her?  Watching her in agony?

I hurriedly wheeled her back down the hall to the memory care center and frantically pushed the button three times, the code for them to let me in. 

Beth, one of my favorite staff members, opened the door.

“Something’s wrong with Mom!  I think she needs a doctor right away!” I stammered.

Beth looked down at Mom and the concern on her face melted away.

“Oh, that’s just how she looks when she has to poop!” she said as she nonchalantly wheeled Mom to her room. 

Within a few minutes she returned with Mom who greeted me with a smile.  We returned to the garden.  All was well.


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