Every Meal Should Be a Happy Meal!

When I was little, Mom and Dad always made me eat my peas and carrots before I could have desert.  I hated peas.  Sometimes Dad would hide them in my mashed potatoes but all that did was make me hate mashed potatoes.  I became a magician of sorts, making them disappear under my sleeve or in my napkin. Our dog was my accomplice and would gobble up any that I ‘accidentally’ dropped on the floor.

Now on the days I visit Mom at lunch, I have the power to choose her menu.  At first I fed her vegetables and meat and then ended the meal with desert.  But during the last few years, she began losing her appetite and consequently losing weight.  She showed little interest in food. 

So I’ve decided to throw the rules out the window!  She’s eighty five years old so why should she have to eat her peas?  Whether she eats her meal or not, I treat her to a large bowl of vanilla ice cream smothered in both chocolate and caramel sauce.  She will devour the bowl and sometimes will eat a second bowl.  Her weight is now stable and just like McDonald’s every lunch with me is a happy meal!


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