Replacing Worry with Peace

Sometimes it’s hard not to worry about getting Alzheimer’s when both my grandmother and mother have had it.  When I walk into a room and forget what I came in for I worry.  If I can’t remember the name of the actor in a movie, I’m briefly concerned.  When I wash my hair and can't remember if I put the conditioner on or not.  When I lose my reading glasses I am relieved to find them on the nightstand, not in the freezer or the trash can.

My doctor knows my family history and so she tests my memory annually.  She gives me three words to remember and repeat back several moments later.  She has me draw a clock and put the numbers and hands on it.  She tests me on the season, year, month and day. 

My recent test went well until the final question.

“What day of the week is it?”

“Monday, I mean Tuesday, because yesterday was Labor Day, no it was Memorial Day,” I stammered. 

I nervously waited for a reaction from her.  Was this it?  Had I blown it?  Was I finally showing memory loss? 

The doctor smiled and assured me that my response wasn’t typical for Alzheimer’s because I was able to logic it out.  I left feeling relieved but also realizing that I have been allowing worry to creep into my mind and replace peace.


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