Win / Win

.Last week I received a phone call from hospice that began..."Kristy, this is never an easy call to make but..."

 My heart sank because even though I thought I was prepared to let Mom go, I wasn't really.

 She continued..."but Flo is doing so well that we have to take her off of hospice."

Wow.  That’s great news, right?  Mom had been on hospice for two years because her weight was too 
low.  Now her weight was stable so she no longer qualified for their services. 

But on the flip side, Mom would really miss her cheerful hospice visitors.

The next morning one of Mom's regular hospice workers came by with the contract to end Mom's care. 

"Don't worry about Flo.   I still plan to visit twice a week on my own time.  I love her," she assured me.  

What a comfort that is.

Two days later, another hospice worker e-mailed me to say she had no intention of stopping her visits with Mom because she loved her.

 What a relief that is.

 Yesterday, the hospice chaplain called.  

"I love Flo and, as a chaplain, I have the freedom to make personal visits.  With your permission, I would like to continue to do so."

What a blessing that is.  

I am so grateful to these untiring angels on earth for loving Mom and being there for her, turning a win/lose situation into a win/ win!  .  


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